è morto Michael Hart

Chi è Michael S. Hart? Solo quello che s’è inventato Project: Gutenberg, lascia fare. Mi spiace.

Divertente questo passaggio di un’intervista del 2006:

When I was concerned about grades I never had a grasp of The Big Picture, it was all “Will it be on the exam?”, whereas when I didn’t care about the grades I studied the subject as a whole, remembered only what I thought was important, didn’t worry about the exams so much, and got better grades anyway. When I was out for The Big Picture, I would read the textbooks for fun, entertainment, and education, not just slave tasking, and the results were better in every way.
The more years I spent in school, the less attention I paid to grades, and in the end I finished college with straight A’s in only two years. I had learned how to learn. Something they don’t really teach in school. Young kids know how to learn, and then this is taken away from them as school goes on. I relearned it.