My own system of morality, however, regards the following as immoral acts:

– Perpetuating institutionalised discrimination.
– Indulging in the sophistry of equating morality with sexuality.
– Perpetuating the deeply unhealthy doctrine of priestly celibacy, thus creating highly damaged, disturbed and repressed human beings.
– Perpetuating sexist and homophobic attitudes under the guise of fabricated divine will.
– Perpetuating the monstrous and intellectually criminal assertion that morality is conferred by faith, and absent without it.
– Aiming the slander of ‘immorality’ against a harmless and normal state of being.

Lungo e bel pezzo di Matt Gemmel sulla religione e l’omosessualità. Il penultimo punto del suo elenco, in particolare, è quello che mi fa impazzire di rabbia (in generale).