virginity has no true value. you can’t (legally) sell virginity. there’s no good way to tell whether someone is or isn’t a virgin. if someone’s not a virgin, there’s nothing wrong with that. if you are a virgin there’s nothing wrong with that either. virginity is socially constructed. because there are many ways of having sex, there’s no way to apply the concept of virginity to everyone. placing a social value on virginity makes it seem like some people are worth more than others, when really it’s just different. valuing your own virginity is fine and dandy, but using your status as a virgin to shame other people is frankly disgusting.

Post lunghetto ma da leggere e far leggere agli adolescenti. (Così ripassano anche l’inglese!) Ci sono tantissime cose interessanti e intelligenti, anche più di questa che ho riportato.