What is sad is that as long-time and active users, we’re given no choice in the matter. We must suffer the official clients and we must suffer ads.

So why not let us pay for the ad-free, 3rd-party Twitter experience we have long enjoyed?

Instapaper offers a $1/month subscription which allows you to use one of the non-official Instapaper clients and to hide the ads on the Instapaper website.

Amazon sells their Kindles with special offers, but if you don’t want to see the ads then you have to pay $30 extra.

But I am sure that option will never manifest. Because if Twitter offered an option to upgrade to an ad-free timeline it would hinder the sales of ads. The sheer virtue of the fact that a portion of Twitter’s user base was paying to not see ads would stand as proof that promoted tweets are not a part the ideal “Twitter experience”.

Shawn Blanc. Andrà così.