opentype, questo sconosciuto

Ralf Hermann spiega che cosa sono i font OpenType: in maniera chiara e precisa.

OpenType is the standard font format of these days. But even 14 years after its introduction, many users don’t really know what the term OpenType implies and how it differs from other font formats. Since I use the domain for my weblog, I thought it is time to shed some light on this confusing subject …


Interessante articolo sull’allenza dell’ultima ora tra Google e Adobe, per (provare a) sconfiggere il monopolio di Apple sul mercato mobile. Interessante perché mette a fuoco una delle grandi balle degli ultimi anni, cioè che Google sia il bene assoluto.

(…) A layer of misdirection has to be carefully laid out and Google has to be seen on the side of angels so that developers and consumers alike must not spend too much time thinking about just how un-open Google’s search and ad cashcows really are. (…)
As the most important web company on the planet, Google has been given a unique chance to display leadership: does it really want an “open web” or is it just interested in promoting a momentary “competitive” advantage against Apple? Does Google believe in what its General Manager of Platform Evangelism has been selling developers? Or are we back to “Don’t be evil, as long as it’s profitable”?
Google’s final embrace of Flash will tell.